Security-Research.org operates a collection of servers that proactively scan the internet collecting information about the computers connected to it. With this data we are able to help responsible security researchers to understand the scope of vulnerabilities and combat malicious activity.

Why are you scanning my network?

We have no interest in your network specifically. Because we scan the entire Internet every day, we contact any publicly reachable computer. By allowing a few packets a day to each of your IP addresses, you are helping to enable a more secure internet for everyone. Our tools will never intentionally attempt to bypass any security controls on your network.

Opt-Out / Contact

Note: Rather than opting out, you should strongly consider filtering your logs with a sevice like Grey Noise that will help you identify and ignore legitimate scans. (We have no association with Grey Noise other than listing our IPs with them)

We respect requests to opt-out of routine scans. If you would like to do so, or need to contact us for another reason, please click here.